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CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - INTRODUCTION - - 3 - CEO T O D A Y HEALTHCARE A W A R D S 2 0 2 3 As the editor, I’m thrilled to introduce the CEO Healthcare Awards, an event that celebrates the exceptional leadership and innovation in the healthcare industry. This year’s awards are especially significant as we recognize the remarkable contributions of leaders who have navigated the complexities of healthcare with outstanding commitment and ingenuity. Among our notable awardees, we have Christopher Barnett from ABA Centers, who has been instrumental in advancing behavioral health services with a focus on accessibility and quality care. His dedication to enhancing patient experiences through innovative approaches has set a new standard in the field. We also celebrate Leslee Deanes of UltraCare Services, a visionary leader whose contributions to home healthcare have been transformative. Under Leslee’s guidance, UltraCare Services has become synonymous with compassionate and high-quality home health services, offering personalized care that makes a real difference in patients’ lives. Alex Carver from medi Australia is another esteemed awardee. Alex’s leadership in the medical supply sector has been pivotal in bringing cutting-edge medical products to Australia. His efforts have significantly improved patient outcomes and have advanced the country’s healthcare infrastructure. Finally, we honor Charles Brown of LifeLabs Medical Laboratories. Charles has been a driving force in laboratory medicine, leading innovations that have enhanced diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. His work at LifeLabs Medical Laboratories has been crucial in providing timely and accurate medical testing, which is fundamental to patient care. The CEO Healthcare Awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of these leaders. Their contributions have not only shaped their respective organizations but have also had a profound impact on the healthcare sector at large. We look forward to celebrating their achievements and continuing to be inspired by their leadership.

Christopher Barnett ABA Centers of America Leslee Deanes UltraCare Services LLC Alex Carver medi Australia 6 10 14 FEATURED WINNERS

Christopher Barnett is the Founder and CEO of ABA Centers. ABA Centers is a vertically integrated behavioural healthcare organisation that provides applied behaviour analysis (ABA) therapy services to children of all ages with autism spectrum disorder through a play-based approach rooted in positive reinforcement through a tech-centric model. The company is disrupting the autism care industry by demolishing wait times traditionally experienced by those in search of a diagnosis or treatment. LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN SPECIALISED THERAPY SERVICES CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - USA - - 6 -

You have mentioned in the past that your career in autism care was established in part because of the inadequate treatment received by your daughter, whose autism was not correctly diagnosed when she was young. Can you share more about this and how it ultimately led you to founding ABA Centers? My wife, Julie, and I have five amazing daughters and we suspected that one of our older girls might be on the autism spectrum, but she had been assessed previously and was simply diagnosed with speech and language issues. We later received the correct diagnosis that our daughter was, in fact, on the spectrum. She spent CEO of ABA Centers Barnett hristopher CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - USA - - 7 -

- 8 - CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - USA - While these unforeseeable circumstances were out of my hands, the failure of these projects was still mine. But my failures have taught me more than my successes. If you’re paying attention when you make a mistake, you learn from it, and you turn that failure into the foundation on which to launch your next venture. I draw from my past learnings to forge the best path forward. In your opinion, what mindset is needed to succeed in the healthcare sector? When working in healthcare, you have to align yourself with something bigger than yourself. For me, that something is all of the children across the United States that are languishing on waitlists for autism diagnosis and treatment. For me, that something is providing hope to families in what is usually an unexpected and exasperating situation. The mission is everything. As I sit here at this point in my career and I look at years dealing with a misdiagnosis and missing out on the proper treatment that she desperately needed. I was able to see what was available in the space for autism care from a parent’s perspective. The lack of services available was infuriating and the long waiting lists that families were experiencing were just unacceptable. So, I set out to design autism care that would genuinely strive to make a difference in the lives of families when those families need it the most and that is exactly what ABA Centers is doing. How did you incorporate your experience and lessons learned from your previous ventures while establishing ABA Centers? I learned that sometimes failure is out of your control, so you can’t be afraid to fail. I was in real estate earlier in my career, then in 2008 the market crashed. I knew what I was doing; I identified the right projects, I built the right team, I knew how to manage for maximum efficiency, and I made a lot of really good, right decisions. But it still all disappeared overnight. And what I learned is that no matter how smart you are or how hard you work, there are influences beyond your control that have the potential to derail your plans. “If you’re paying attention when you make a mistake, you learn from it, and you turn that failure into the foundation on which to launch your next venture.”

- 9 - CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - USA - what motivates me to work at the level that I do, it’s the mission. There are children desperately needing care and parents who just want to help their kids, and I won’t rest until every child has the opportunity to get the autism care that they deserve. In October 2022, you donated $1 million to Temple University for the creation of a new autism lab. Can you tell us more about this and your other charitable activities? I am a passionate supporter of my alma mater, Temple University. I sit on the university’s College of Public Health Board of Visitors and that $1 million donation to develop the ABA Centers of America Autism Lab will allow the school to conduct autism research, offer diagnostic services, train students to become clinicians to meet the needs of the autistic community and to make a difference for the general public. With the rate of autism in children seeming to increase each year, it’s important that the autism care workforce continue to strengthen in numbers. I am committed to making sure that individuals who would like to pursue a career in autism care have a path and the support that they need to achieve the certificates, degrees and experience necessary to become highcaliber clinicians. My wife and I also personally endowed Temple’s ‘Cherry Pantry’, which combats hunger within the university community by supplying nutritious emergency food and equal treatment to all who visit the pantry. During the course of your work to date, what achievements have you marked that you are most proud of having accomplished? I become prouder of what we are accomplishing at ABA Centers as each day passes. At the time of this interview, we have already doubled the number of children that we are serving, year to date. Those children aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet to us – they are children that have learned to brush their teeth on their own, they are children that no longer shrink away from hugs or high-fives, and they are parents and caregivers that get to hear their child say ‘I love you’ for the first time. Every day, we are working to provide children with the tools to better navigate their autism journey and set themselves up to lead robust and fulfilling lives. Can you share anything about your development plans for ABA Centers in the final months of 2023 and beyond? For the remainder of 2023, ABA Centers is charging forward with its expansion plans. We are currently providing autism care in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida. By the end of the year, we will also be serving Pennsylvania, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. Our company is in hypergrowth mode and we have our eyes set on the West Coast, so our advancement across the United States will continue into and throughout 2024. We are also continuing to leverage and build out a robust and astute team of technology and artificial intelligence experts at our offices in both the US and Medellin, Colombia. We are eager to explore emerging technologies and how they might amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of autism care that kids receive, so that more children can get the care that they need – quickly. “There are children desperately needing care and parents who just want to help their kids, and I won’t rest until every child has the opportunity to get the autism care that they deserve.”

SENIOR CARE HEALTH SERVICES OF THE YEAR I am proud to lead a company that embodies the values of compassion, professionalism, and excellence, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve our community in this capacity. CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - USA - - 10 -

CEO of UltraCare Services eslee Deanes Leslee, could you start by sharing the story behind UltraCare Services and your journey to becoming its CEO and building the company? Certainly, the story behind UltraCare Services is deeply personal and rooted in a profound need for compassionate home care. It all began when my beloved grandmother fell seriously ill, requiring constant care and attention. At that time, I was a single mother, juggling the responsibilities of raising two young children while also managing a demanding career. The sudden illness of my grandmother put me in a difficult position where I had to balance my family’s needs with her critical caregiving needs. It was a challenging period for our family, as I realized how overwhelming and emotionally taxing it can be to provide adequate care for a loved one in need. It was during this time that I recognized the immense importance of reliable, professional, and compassionate home care services. My grandmother’s situation inspired me to take action and find a way to provide not only for her but CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - USA - - 11 -

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 12 - - USA - Respect: We respect the individuality and unique needs of each client, tailoring our services to ensure they feel valued and understood. Reliability: We understand the trust our clients and their families place in us. We are reliable and accountable in all our interactions and services. Dignity: We uphold the dignity of every person we care for, fostering an environment that promotes self-esteem and self-worth. Family-Centered: We recognize that care extends beyond the individual. We support families in their caregiving journey, providing them with the resources and peace of mind they need. As a CEO, how do you balance the demands of ensuring excellent patient care with the operational and financial aspects of running the company? Balancing patient care with the operational and financial aspects is a delicate task. To achieve this balance, I prioritize a few key strategies: Invest in Talent: We hire and retain the best caregivers and support staff, ensuring that they are motivated, welltrained, and share our values. Efficient Operations: We continuously assess and improve our operational processes to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, without compromising on care quality. Strategic Planning: Long-term strategic planning helps us anticipate and mitigate financial challenges while maintaining a focus on our mission. also for countless others who were facing similar circumstances. I embarked on a journey to create a home care agency that would prioritize the well-being and comfort of our clients and their families. With a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of those in need, I founded UltraCare Services. The name itself reflects our commitment to providing the highest level of care, going above and beyond to ensure the well-being of our clients. The journey to becoming the CEO of UltraCare Services was marked by dedication, hard work, and a profound sense of purpose. We began by assembling a team of highly trained and compassionate caregivers who shared our vision of providing exceptional care to those who needed it most. We also focused on building a company culture that prioritized empathy, respect, and reliability in every aspect of our operations. Over the years, UltraCare Services has grown, not only in terms of the services we offer but also in the impact we’ve made on countless families. Our dedication to providing top-notch care, our commitment to continuous improvement, and our unwavering support for both our clients and our team members have been key factors in our success. Becoming the CEO of UltraCare Services has been a rewarding journey, driven by a genuine desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families facing challenging circumstances. Today, I am proud to lead a company that embodies the values of compassion, professionalism, and excellence, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve our community in this capacity. Our journey is ongoing, and we remain dedicated to providing the highest quality home care services, just as we did when UltraCare Services was founded, with my grandmother’s need for care as the catalyst for our mission. How would you describe the core mission and values of UltraCare Services? At UltraCare Services, our core mission is to enhance the quality of life for seniors and individuals in need of care, while providing peace of mind to their families. We understand the importance of maintaining independence, dignity, and a sense of comfort in one’s own home, even when faced with health challenges. Our values revolve around these principles: Compassion: We approach every client with empathy, recognizing that their well-being depends on the care and support we provide. Excellence: We are committed to delivering the highest standard of care. Our caregivers are well-trained, and we continually seek ways to improve our services. One particularly gratifying milestone was achieving a 98% client satisfaction rate in our annual surveys while growing 636% in 2 years

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 13 - - USA - Technology Integration: We leverage technology to streamline operations, monitor care quality, and communicate effectively with both clients and caregivers. Financial Responsibility: We manage our finances prudently, allocating resources where they are needed most while maintaining profitability to sustain our mission. Can you discuss a gratifying success story or milestone that UltraCare Services has achieved under your leadership? One particularly gratifying milestone was achieving a 98% client satisfaction rate in our annual surveys while growing 636% in 2 years. This reflects our commitment to providing exceptional care and the positive impact we’ve had on our clients’ lives. Knowing that our services have made such a meaningful difference is a testament to our dedicated team and our mission. Healthcare often involves making critical decisions under pressure. How do you prepare your team to handle such situations, and what role does your leadership play? We prioritize training, ensuring our team members are well-prepared to handle critical situations. Regular simulations and ongoing education help them stay composed under pressure. My leadership involves fostering a culture of communication and support, encouraging team members to seek guidance and collaborate when faced with challenging decisions. Leading by example in remaining calm and focused during crises sets the tone for the entire organization. You provide a range of senior care services, from companionship to 24/7 care. How has our understanding of senior care changed recently, and how do you incorporate them into UltraCare Services? Recent understanding of senior care emphasizes personalized and holistic approaches that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We have adapted by offering comprehensive care plans that address not only physical health but also mental and emotional needs. Our services now include activities that stimulate cognitive function, promote social engagement, and enhance overall quality of life. You also provide nutrition and well being services. Could you elaborate on this and explain why this is so vital? What impact does good nutrition have on those you care for? Nutrition and well-being services are vital because they play a significant role in maintaining overall health and vitality, especially among seniors. Good nutrition can prevent or manage chronic conditions, boost energy levels, and enhance mental clarity. By providing personalized nutrition plans and wellness support, we empower our clients to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives, which in turn improves their independence and quality of life. Can you shed some light on any community or outreach programs that UltraCare Services is a part of? UltraCare Services is actively involved in several community initiatives. We organize educational workshops on senior health and caregiving, partner with local senior centers for social engagement activities, and provide pro bono care to individuals with limited means. We believe in giving back to the community and sharing our expertise to improve the overall well-being of seniors in the areas we serve. Lastly, as someone with a bird’s-eye view of the senior care aspect of the healthcare industry, where do you envision the future of senior care heading, and what role do you expect UltraCare Services to play? The future of senior care is likely to be marked by increased personalization, the integration of technology for remote monitoring and communication, and a stronger emphasis on holistic well-being. UltraCare Services aims to be at the forefront of these developments by continuing to adapt and innovate. We envision leveraging AI and telehealth solutions to enhance care, collaborating with healthcare systems for seamless transitions, and expanding our reach to provide even more seniors with the exceptional care they deserve. Our mission remains unchanged – to be a trusted partner in improving the quality of life for seniors and their families. No matter what the future of senior care holds UltraCare Services will always be “Here to Help”!

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Alex Carver, the Managing Director of medi Australia, to discuss the innovative world of medi Australia and its impactful role in the healthcare sector. With a rich background in healthcare and a deep commitment to patient-centric care, Alex offers unique insights into the advancements, challenges, and future directions of medi and the healthcare sector. Alex Carver Managing Director T: 1300 04 MEDI (6334) E: M: 0419 757 633 CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - AUSTRALIA - - 14 -

Alex, please give our readers a brief overview of medi Australia and its core mission and values. medi Australia is the Australian group company of medi GMBH & Co. KG – headquartered in Bayreuth Germany. In Australia, our mission is to drive solutions, education, and innovation in treating lymphoedema, phlebology, and orthopaedic conditions. Our core values— “Customer First,” “How can I help?”, “I want to learn,” and “Be proactive”—are the pillars that define our culture and guide our actions. We aim to provide exceptional care and support to patients by putting their needs at the forefront of everything we do. This aligns with medi’s global slogan. “medi. I feel better.” Managing Director of medi Australia Carver lex LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN MEDICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - AUSTRALIA - - 15 -

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 16 - - AUSTRALIA - We have navigated through these challenges by aligning resources to meet market needs and introducing products that meet customer demand. For example, medi Vision, our contactless measuring device, has been in development since 2018. It was introduced during the pandemic and met the need for social distancing while providing an essential service for patients. We have forged strategic partnerships with retailers and distributors that align with our values and behaviours. Finally, we have doubled down on maintaining a customer-centric approach. Looking ahead, we see immense opportunities in continuing to develop and introduce products that promote patient self-management and care. We also continue to drive education and workshops to clinicians across our product portfolio – by delivering market-leading education, we strive to enhance our customer and patient experience in their use of our products. How does medi Australia prioritise a patient-centric approach, and how has this impacted patient outcomes and satisfaction? At medi, the patient is at the heart of our operations. We strive to have everyone say, “medi. I feel better” following their interaction with medi Australia. We actively seek and incorporate feedback, ensuring our products align with patients’ needs and preferences – in effect, we are a catalyst between the medical industry and specialist retailers/ therapists. The range of medical services includes medical compression stockings, adaptive compression aids, supports, orthoses, thrombosis prophylaxis stockings, compression garments and orthopaedic shoe insoles. This approach has significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction, as patients feel heard and valued throughout their healthcare journey. Having dedicated over a decade to the healthcare sector, could you share your observations on the transformations that have occurred, mainly focusing on the advancements and enhancements made to medi products? The past decade has seen a significant rise in the role of technology in the patient treatment pathway. As a global company, medi strives to be a world leader in the sectors in which we operate. We drive the implementation of these patient-orientated solutions in the Australian market. We recently partnered with our American colleagues and two worldleading universities to research the early detection and treatment of lymphoedema following breast cancer. Implementing this practice-altering research in an early intervention model of care can change patients’ lives. Globally, medi has pioneered advancements in garment measuring technology and with “medi vision”, we are the only company that offers a mobile, contactless measuring modality for compression garments. medi has continually been at the forefront of these initiatives, constantly enhancing our products to ensure optimal effectiveness and patient comfort. In orthopaedics, medi regularly brings together interdisciplinary groups of physicians to discuss the most pressing issues in treatment of patients. Most recently, medi hosted our second annual conference on ACL injuries in Female Football (soccer) players. In doing this, medi can ensure we continue to deliver research-based best practices in the solutions we provide for these patient groups. More broadly, how have you seen the healthcare industry evolve in Australia, and what role has medi played in driving this change? The healthcare industry in Australia has seen a shift towards a more patient-centric approach, with a greater emphasis on personalised care and holistic well-being. medi has played an instrumental role in assisting clinicians in driving this change by developing innovative solutions that address specific healthcare needs. In the past three years, we have introduced multiple new products to the Australian market. Our dedication to patient-focused care, technological advancements, and continuous improvement has contributed to the overall enhancement of healthcare experiences and outcomes in the country. Can you share some of the critical challenges medi Australia has faced and how you have navigated through them? Additionally, what opportunities do you foresee in the Australian healthcare sector? Like all businesses, we have encountered challenges in the past few years, from COVID-19 to price increases (inflation) and market competition. “As a global company, medi strives to be a world leader in the sectors in which we operate.”

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 17 - - AUSTRALIA - Our thoughts and actions are shaped by our love of challenges and setting standards with the best products and concepts. We think outside the box, looking for new approaches and constantly developing our expertise. Sustainability is a growing concern across industries. Could you elaborate on any sustainability initiatives or practices medi has adopted, particularly concerning manufacturing and recycling used products? In 2023, we launched mediven®️ cotton – a unique product that has patient care and sustainability at its core. Throughout the R&D phase of creating mediven cotton, medi adopted ecofriendly manufacturing processes, reducing waste and promoting recycling. mediven cotton only uses cotton from suppliers that meet the internationally leading Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). In addition to certified organic cotton, we also use recycled polyamide yarn, certified according to high criteria by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). We have created a sustainable stocking by implementing these factors into the product. The recycled polyamide yarn’s material and manufacturing process meets international ecological and social standards - in terms of sustainability for people and the environment. The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is the world’s leading standard for recycled materials and identifies demonstrably recycled and sustainably processed materials. The recycled material used must be traceable to its origin. The manufacturer must state and document exactly in which production process the material originated as waste. In the case of the yarn used in mediven cotton*, this is the in-house production of our polyamide yarn supplier. Companies to be certified must have an environmental management system that documents the company’s annual planning and achievement of the following ecological requirements. Targets for reducing electricity and water consumption, wastewater, CO2 emissions and waste must be set and tracked. It is forbidden to use problematic substances that endanger the health of employees or the environment. The polyamide yarn used in mediven cotton* comprises 60 per cent recycled raw material from polyamide production. The process is also transparent - it meets all traceability requirements. The result: saved resources and benefits for the environment! We continually invest in research to develop sustainable materials and production methods. Additionally, we encourage responsible disposal and recycling of our products to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. On a more personal note, can you share your leadership philosophy and how it guides your decisions and strategy at medi, Australia? My leadership philosophy centres around collaboration, innovation, and empathy. I believe in fostering a culture of open communication where every team member’s input is valued. I’m a huge fan of Patrick Lencioni and his trust and team dynamics theories. I also believe in continuous learning and encourage the other leaders in our business to support their teams in developing skills and knowledge. Lastly, empathy towards our customers and their patients and understanding their needs guide our strategy, ensuring our actions positively impact patients and the organisation. As you look forward, please share some of the primary objectives you aim to achieve as Managing Director at medi in the upcoming period. Are there any novel services or products that we can anticipate? In the past two months, we have introduced at least three new products to the Australian market – Rejuva is our first fashion-based compression range for the Aussie market. We have added seamless toecaps to the flat-knit range and new colours and patterns to our flat-knit compression product range. At medi Australia, our immediate focus is meeting the growth demands of our customers while we add to our team and grow our capabilities across Australia. Recent wins at our local business awards, nominations for national awards within our sector, and commencing new tenders in NSW and WA are just some of what is in store for medi’s new year. We’ve seen substantial growth over the past 18 months and look to consolidate this in 2024 and beyond - these are exciting times. “At medi, the patient is at the heart of our operations. We strive to have everyone say ‘medi. I feel better.’ ”

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 18 - - UGANDA -

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 19 - - UGANDA -

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 20 - - UGANDA -

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 21 - - UGANDA -

Bertin Nahum Quantum Surgical Hans Juergen Reiner Hans J. Reiner GmbH Adi Hoess Affimed GmbH John Power Aerogen Rob de Ree NorthSea Therapeutics Christian Leisner CDR-Life Dave Icke ieso 24 28 30 32 EUROPE 34 36 26

BERTIN NAHUM Co-Founder & CEO Quantum Surgical CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - FRANCE - - 24 - LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Bertim Nahun is a successful entrepreneur in Surgical Robotics. Prior to Quantum Surgical, Bertin founded Medtech SA (Rosa® Surgical Robot – neuro and spine surgery) in 2002, took the company public (IPO) in 2013 and sold it to Zimmer Biomet (NYSE: ZBH) in 2016. Previously, he pioneered the development of robot-assisted solutions in various surgical specialties at Computer Motion Inc. (Zeus, AESOP – laparoscopic surgery) and Integrated Surgical Systems Inc. (ROBODOC – orthopedic surgery). Bertin Nahum graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (FR) and holds a Master of Science in Robotics and a Doctorate of Technology Honoris Causa from Coventry University (UK).

Our journey begins with lung, liver, kidney and pancreatic cancers which are one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide. While more than 6 million new abdominal and lung cancers are diagnosed every year, Quantum Surgical’s purpose is to offer an innovative approach to cancer treatment, accessible to a wider population, allowing more patients to benefit from state-of-theart, more targeted, and less invasive treatments. We aim to set new standards in cancer treatment by enabling more patients to benefit from bettertargeted and less invasive treatments. To achieve this goal, Quantum Surgical has developed the Epione robot, dedicated to the curative and early treatment of cancers. It enables physicians to treat tumors that are inoperable or particularly difficult to reach, due to their size or their location, at an early stage without surgical intervention, in a simple and effective manner. Relying on the know-how of the physician, our Epione robotic platform can treat inoperable tumors in the abdomen and the lungs. Our key strategic pillars: Innovation We leveraged an extensive medical robotics background in orthopedics, neurosurgery and spine to deliver innovation in Interventional Oncology. FIRM PROFILE Medical Robotics We are focused on designing technology which will overcome current challenges, expand physician capabilities and help standardize treatments. Interventional Oncology Our goal is to transform medical intervention and provide access to cancer treatment in the least invasive manner possible. EPIONE An innovative solution for interventional oncology, Epione® is a robotic-assisted technology to plan, target, deliver and confirm tumor ablation. Using the power of robotics and image fusion technology, Epione provides clinicians the ability to target challenging tumors. The Epione® device is CE marked for abdomen and lung indications, and FDA cleared for abdominal ablation indication Epione is an open robotic solution compatible with most commonly used imaging systems. The medical robot is designed to allow physicians to treat with their preferred ablative technologies (radiofrequency, microwave, cryoablation, irreversible electroporation) so they can decide the right therapy for each individual patient. Our goal is to dramatically ease multiple probe procedures which will make treatment of large tumors more predictable. CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - FRANCE - - 25 - ADI HOESS CEO of Affimed GmbH CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - GERMANY - - 26 - LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY

A leader in innate immunity in the immuno-oncology field, Dr. Hoess has built his more than 25-year biotech career from an extensive background in general management, business development, product commercialization, fundraising, M&A and drug discovery. He joined Affimed in October 2010 as Chief Commercial Officer, and since September 2011, has led the company as Chief Executive Officer, advancing the company’s commitment to improving the lives of people with hematologic and solid tumor cancers. At Affimed, Dr. Hoess has integrated his scientific expertise and experience driving R&D toward drug discovery and clinical trials to cultivate a productive organizational culture and lead its high-performing team. He has transformed and elevated the business, taking it from an early-stage, preclinical engineering company of 20 employees to a midstage, clinical development pioneer of innate immune activation for cancer treatment with over 125 of the industry’s most talented scientists, entrepreneurs and seasoned leaders. Dr. Hoess successfully drove the decision to take the company public on the Nasdaq in September 2014. He has since led the company to the largest signed collaboration in biotech with Roche Genentech, as well as secured collaborations with Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Roivant Sciences, among others. Prior to joining Affimed, Dr. Hoess was the Chief Commercial Officer at Jerini AG, where he led the development and launch of the novel orphan drug Firazyr® for people living with hereditary angioedema. His leadership influenced Jerini AG’s eventual sale to Shire. Before joining Jerini, he was General Manager and Vice President of the Molecular Medicine Division at Carl Zeiss in Jena, Germany. Dr. Hoess began his professional career in 1993 as a scientist at MorphoSys AG. There, he partnered with the company’s founder in translating intellectual property he had developed at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School. Within six years, he was promoted to Vice President of Licensing and Business Development, where he played an instrumental role in the company’s successful German IPO. Dr. Hoess completed post-doctoral research at Harvard Medical School’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and holds a Doctorate of Medicine from the Technical University of Munich as well as a Ph.D. in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Munich. We are a team of passionate, experienced individuals who work every day to improve the lives of patients. Led by an expert team of biotechnology and pharmaceutical professionals, we are united by one goal—to stop cancer from ever derailing patients’ lives. Inspired by the immense potential of the innate immune system, we are dedicated to unlocking profound possibilities—bringing new hope to those whose lives have been forever changed by the impact of cancer. We are revolutionizing cancer treatment by activating the untapped power of the innate immune system to eradicate tumors. Our novel and proprietary technology binds NK cells and other innate immune cells directly to tumor cells, allowing for tumor destruction. With broad expertise in innate immunity, tumor biology, and antibody engineering, we are well situated to advance our unique and insightful approach for activating the innate immune system to fight cancer. Our novel and proprietary technology will allow us to develop and commercialize groundbreaking treatments across multiple tumor types. We are a team of innate immunity experts who are unrelenting in our efforts to change the meaning of cancer. With our differentiated approach to arming the body’s innate immune system, we are focused on delivering new treatments beyond the limitations of existing therapies. ABOUT ADI HOESS FIRM PROFILE CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - GERMANY - - 27 -

Dr. h.c. Hans Jürgen Reiner is a C-level executive working in the increasingly digitalizing healthcare industry. With more than 25 years of management experience of multinational companies in healthcare, technology, and retail, he is an expert in digital transformation. Through restructuring organizations and functions, he has been able to achieve above-average revenue and earnings growth. Reiner was born in Bad Reichenhall in 1963. He is married and has three grown-up children. He lives both in Berlin and Berchtesgaden. He holds a degree in business administration and in business law. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Leibniz Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies for his past achievements. He is also highly respected for his expertise as a member of various expert commissions, such as the Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V. and the IHK Berlin. During his career, Reiner has been CEO and COO at many renowned companies, including Technical Director for Software Development Europe at Reynolds & Reynolds Inc. in Dayton, Ohio, USA as well as at Synlab Services GmbH in Augsburg and Medicover AB in Stockholm, Sweden. A more recent example of his work is his activity at IFLb Laboratoriumsmedizin Berlin GmbH, whereas authorized signatory he developed and implemented a strategy for the future of the group of companies in a crisis that threatened its existence. In doing so, he drafted a concept for the restructuring of health care in rural areas of Germany and presented it to political committees, among others. Some central elements of his concept can be found in the current draft legislation on hospital reform by the German government. Reiner has built up an impressive network in politics, business, and science. He uses it confidently to achieve optimal results in his projects. With his pragmatic “hands-on” mentality, strategic style, and strong team orientation, he has already achieved many successes. In his own company, Hans J. Reiner GmbH, based in Berlin and Berchtesgaden, Reiner combines the know-how of experienced C-level experts from various disciplines and offers consulting and services for the international healthcare market. An important focus is on supporting companies in their digital transformation. However, other areas of a company in the healthcare industry are also covered. In numerous presentations, Reiner has for years emphasized the importance of early recognition and successful integration of new technological developments into one’s own company. These lead to new business models, which are a fundamental building block for sustainable economic success in times of technology-driven and disruptive change. Reiner already predicted changes due to the rapid development of AI-supported software and hardware products during his presentation at Medica in Düsseldorf in 2019, which are so topical today. “It is often the small agile medium-sized company that recognizes the signs of the times and draws the right conclusions from them in order to be successful in the future, not the large ponderous corporation,” says Reiner and adds, “Nothing is as constant as change, Heraclitus already knew that 2500 years ago. Those who accept this and always stay on the ball will be successful.” Reiner’s personal guiding principle is to actively participate in change and not to oppose inevitable change. With services ranging from classic project management to support in marketing, sales, IT, quality management, logistics, planning & construction of medical facilities and much more, Hans J. Reiner GmbH offers a broad spectrum to directly support its customers in these times of change. The focus is particularly on innovation-driven projects. Reiner is a role model for all C-level executives who want to succeed in the rapidly digitizing healthcare industry. He excels in innovative, efficient, and successful management skills and successfully implements his visions. CEO & Hans J. Reiner GmbH HANS JÜRGEN REINER Dr. h.c. CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - GERMANY - - 28 - “Nothing is as constant as change, Heraclitus already knew that 2500 years ago. Those who accept this and always stay on the ball will be successful.” CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - GERMANY - - 29 - LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN HEALTHCARE CONSULTING & DEVELOPMENT Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, Aerogen is the world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery. With over 25 years of experience, 300 international patents and associated with over 200 clinical papers and publications, Aerogen technology has been used to treat 16 million patients in 75 countries worldwide. Based on pioneering vibrating mesh technology, the Aerogen Solo vibrating mesh nebuliser has become the gold standard for respiratory patient care across the hospital from the emergency department to intensive care. Aerogen’s dynamic R&D team is dedicated to the continuous improvement and development of aerosol drug delivery technology. Innovation and creativity are at the core of every product development programme, while Aerogen’s structured five-stage gate development process ensures that projects are executed in a methodical and cost-effective manner. The company continues to leverage its expertise, research, technologies and partnerships to make the greatest possible difference to patient outcomes. Award-winning technology with over 300 international active and pending patents made us a world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery. Our technology is a breakthrough in aerosol drug delivery and is at the heart of all our products. FIRM PROFILE CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - IRELAND - - 30 -

A serial entrepreneur in a technology and innovation focused career spanning over 30 years, John has held executive-level positions in R&D, Operations, Sales, and General Management in both the SME and MNC environment. During this period he has been a founder or co-founder of several ‘Blue Ocean’ technology start-ups, the last three of these in the life-science sector. John has led the company from a start-up in 1997 through a US merger, NASDAQ IPO, trade sale and return to a privately held company by MBO in 2008. Today, Aerogen is recognised as a pioneer and the global leader in ICU ventilator/hospital-based aerosol drug delivery. Its award-winning products are employed in over 75 countries throughout the world, helping to provide life critical interventions from the emergency department through to the NICU. Aerogen’s proprietary technology permits proteins, peptides, suspensions and solutions to be nebulized, paving the way for targeted drug delivery to the lung. Under John’s Leadership Aerogen has achieved circa 30% CAGR since 2008 and in recognition of its export success, Aerogen was awarded the prestigious European Business Award Ruban d’Honneur in 2011 and again in 2016, when John was also named the European Entrepreneur of the Year. As a leader within the Irish life-science sector, Aerogen was named both The Irish MedTech Company of the Year and The Irish Exporter of the Year. The Company has received the highest award granted by the US respiratory community, the American Association of Respiratory Care, the Zenith Award, for ‘providing products and services that enable respiratory care physicians and therapists to achieve clinical excellence’. A Chartered Engineer, John is recognized as a technology innovator and is credited with over a dozen commercialized international patents in products ranging from robotics to life-support ventilation. He holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University and as an Adjunct Professor at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), he guest lectures on his core business interests of Innovation Strategies and Technology Entrepreneurship. He is a founder faculty member of the NUIG Bio-Innovate program (run in conjunction with Stanford University Bio-Design), an incubator unit that promotes entrepreneurial start-ups in medical technologies where he has actively mentored several early-stage companies. In 2016, in recognition of his contribution to the development of the Irish Medical Device sector, John was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate by the National University of Ireland, Galway. Founder and CEO of Aerogen JOHN POWER ABOUT JOHN POWER CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - IRELAND - - 31 - LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN MEDICAL DEVICES

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 32 - - NETHERLANDS - NorthSea is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of structurally engineered fatty acids, or SEFAs. We are developing SEFAs as a novel class of drugs that are engineered to unlock the therapeutic potential of fatty acids by increasing organ-specificity and minimizing their natural propensity to be incorporated into complex lipids or broken down and used as an energy source. Our proprietary SEFAs have the therapeutic potential to simultaneously target multiple metabolic and inflammatory drivers of disease. Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH) is the leading cause of liver disease affecting an estimated 15-30 million patients in the US, western Europe and Japan. Today the treatment options available to NASH patients are limited. Our lead product candidate, icosabutate, is a oncedaily, oral SEFA currently in a Phase 2b clinical trial, which we refer to as the ICONA trial, for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH. In a pre-specified interim analysis of this trial, icosabutate demonstrated dose-dependent and significant improvements that we believe are clinically meaningful in all liver function parameters as well as inflammatory and fibrotic biomarkers. Additionally, patients treated with icosabutate showed significant improvements in lipid profile and glycemic control, demonstrating the potential for icosabutate to address common co-morbidities associated with NASH, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In the ICONA trial, icosabutate has been observed to be generally well-tolerated, with no serious safety signals to date, a key attribute for patients with NASH, who require chronic therapy. Based on the totality of the interim ICONA data, together with our preclinical and other clinical data, we believe icosabutate has the potential to be the preferred backbone therapy for the treatment of NASH, either as a monotherapy or as a combination therapy. In addition to icosabutate, we are developing two additional SEFAs for the treatment of metabolic diseases. SEFA-1024 is an oral, highly lipophilic SEFA that is designed to target the gut-liver axis and to concurrently improve plasma lipids and glycemic control. We have concluded a Phase 1 clinical trial of SEFA-1024 in healthy volunteers and plan to start Phase 2 in 2023. We plan to initially develop SEFA-1024 for the treatment of severe hypertriglyceridemia, or SHTG. We are also developing SEFA-6179, a novel, oral, fully synthetic medium chain fatty acid analogue, for the treatment of intestinal failure-associated liver disease, or IFALD, a rare liver disease affecting individuals on prolonged parenteral nutrition. We have concluded a Phase 1 clinical trial and plan to initiate Phase 2 in 2023. CEO of NorthSea Therapeutics ROB DE REE Prior to joining NorthSea Therapeutics B.V., Rob de Ree served as the CEO of the start-up companies Dezima Pharma, which was acquired by Amgen in 2015 and as the CEO of BMEYE which was acquired by Edwards lifesciences in 2012. Before that Rob de Ree served as the head of the licensing business of Crucell and in various national and international sales and marketing roles at Medtronic. Rob de Ree started his career in pharma in 1991 in sales and marketing at the cardiovascular division of Byk Gulden in the Netherlands. In addition Rob de Ree is currently a board member at Ventinova (chair) and Mellon medical and operating partner at Biogeneration Ventures. Rob de Ree holds an MSc in pharmacy from the University of Groningen. ABOUT ROB DE REE FIRM PROFILE LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY

CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - 33 - - NETHERLANDS - Christian is a seasoned drug developer. He has worked in all phases of drug development within the areas of ophthalmology, oncology, autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease. Christian has led several global programs with new biologic entities including LME636 (Novartis) from the preclinical stage up through successful Phase 2 in two different ophthalmic diseases. He has also played lead roles in the clinical development of Rydapt (Approved in rare hematological disease) and brolucizumab (positive Phase 3 in retinal disease). Christian has served in Business Development & Licensing teams in Alcon and Novartis and was part of the senior management in ESBATech. He obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. In addition, he holds a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and in Chemistry from Roskilde University, Denmark. ABOUT CHRISTIAN LEISNER CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - SWITZERLAND - - 34 -

CDR-Life was founded in 2017 by a seasoned team of drug developers and biotech entrepreneurs with a mission to develop a next generation of superior T cell engaging therapies against solid and liquid tumors. We have built a team of highly accomplished people with broad expertise in antibody discovery, pharmacology, clinical and drug product development, enabling us to break new ground with our growing portfolio of highly tumor-selective immunotherapies. CDR-Life is developing highly specific antibody therapeutics to target intracellular proteins presented on the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). Our versatile MHCtargeted antibody platform increases access to a vast array of antigens that were not previously addressable, to develop a pipeline of first-in-class therapeutics across a broad range of solid tumors. With a team of proven drug development experts and backed by leading cross-Atlantic investors, we are working to redirect and activate the patient’s own immune system to eliminate their tumors. Our Science Over the past decades, the emergence of immunotherapies has changed the game in cancer treatment. However, to date, immunotherapies have only shown efficacy in certain patient populations and suffer from a high degree of off-tumor activity due to lack of tumor selectivity. This severely compromises the efficacy and safety of these promising therapies. CDR-Life is developing new immunotherapies that target antigens restricted to tumor cells, thereby solving the problem of non-tumor selectivity that is hindering existing treatments from achieving full therapeutic potential. Based on more than 20 years of expertise in cutting-edge antibody fragment design, engineering and production, we have developed a new antibody-based approach that specifically attacks the unique cancer protein targets existing inside tumor cells. This is achieved by antibodies binding to peptides from tumor antigens on the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) with very high specificity. The MHC traffics proteins to the immune system and provides access to a new class of intracellular tumor antigens to engage T cells. Combined with our proprietary multi-specific format, we are developing truly tumor-specific and -eradicating T cell engagers. THE M-GAGER® PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY The M-gager platform is our proprietary technology that develops highly specific and effective peptide-MHC (pMHC)- targeting T cell engagers. Based on a unique phage display library with a repertoire of billions of antibodies already binding to the pMHC of interest, the MHC-targeting T cell engager (M-gager ) format result in effective and selective recruitment of T cells and generates a specific cytotoxic T cell response against the cancer cell. M-gager molecules are expected to be highly effective immunotherapies for challenging yet very attractive targets such as neoantigens and cancer testis antigens (CTA), providing minimal off-tumor activity. M-gager molecules have excellent drug properties and are well-producible in standard mammalian cell-based manufacturing. CEO & Director of CDR-Life LEISNER CHRISTIAN FIRM PROFILE CEO Today Healthcare Awards 2023 - SWITZERLAND - - 35 - LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY

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