CEO Today - Healthcare Awards 2022

EastGate Biotech is a biotech company that was founded in order to have an impact on existing treatment paradigms that will influence healthier lifestyles despite facing chronic illnesses. Eastgate is focusing its efforts on altering the delivery ways for well-known drugs, currently administered only by injections, to non-invasive (oral or sublingual) routes. At the present time our technology focuses on the delivery of insulin via a liquid insulin mouth solution, known as Insugin, based on a proprietary composition. The reason for this initial focus is the fact that diabetes is an epidemic and growing exponentially with each year. This leads to the obvious reality that more people will be dealing with this chronic illness. Insugin, our liquid insulin mouth solution, is targeted towards patients with Type 2 diabetes as well as patients with pre-diabetes. These populations represent the largest segment of the global diabetic population with an expected worldwide rising disease prevalence to over 600 million by 2035. It is predicted that early administration of insulin to Type 2 diabetic patients would not only help to control blood glucose but also may significantly decelerate disease progression. Fear of needles and lack of a convenient noninvasive dosage form for insulin delivery may be the main reasons against wide use and early start of insulin administration. This innovation has several resulting effects: a. patients can safely and effectively manage their chronic disease without disease progression; b. the side effects stemming from diabetes such as strokes, heart disease, kidney disease, amputations; to name a few; will be reduced c. the economic effects of diabetes on government and hospital systems globally which presently amount to billions can be reduced and directed towards other financial concerns. We believe that most people have been touched by this disease whether personally or through a family member or via their community. EastGate wants to be at the forefront of having a positive impact through our Trade Secret Proprietary technology and strive to be the leaders of drugs administered and absorbed via the inner lining of the mouth. Insugin is only one example of the potential applications of our technology to aid in the delivery of “hard-to-deliver” drugs. We believe our technology has the ability to be applied to a number of active pharmaceutical ingredients using delivery systems based on nanoemulsions and other combinations of polymers and lipids with surfactants (mixed micelles). The next frontier may include Alzheimer’s disease and autoimmune disease. Whatever path is followed EastGate’s mission will remain the same; aim to improve existing drugs for a better drug performance profile, increase patient compliance and quality of life and lower overall healthcare costs. Rose C. Perri CEO of EastGate Biotech CEO Today Hea l thcare Award s 2022 - USA - - 17 -

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