CEO Today - Healthcare Awards 2022

CEO Today Hea l thcare Award s 2022 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 9 - • Businesses are often highly geared to increase profits and growth. However, my stress levels would have been less if I had had more cash to buffer the shock at the beginning of the pandemic. • Although businesses must bow to public pressure to an extent, it is vital to monitor broadcast information to make sure it is relevant and correct. • By concentrating on excellence, there remains a market for a product regardless of the wider economic or social environment. On a personal side, I also realised that I had been spending too much time travelling and lecturing compared to building and running the business. What is the most rewarding part about your job? Nothing is as satisfying as improving patients’ lives, especially when they have been led to believe there is no cure. We see this regularly in different sorts of patients: • Curing those who have had multiple operations for varicose veins as their previous doctors haven’t got to the underlying cause. • Treating pelvic congestion syndrome in females with pelvic pain who have been told there is nothing wrong. • Healing venous leg ulcers in those consigned to compression bandages and not told that there is a surgical cure. • Removing cosmetically damaging veins on the face, hands or breasts in patients who have been told that nothing can be done for them. Although I enjoy the business aspects of running a healthcare business, nothing is as rewarding as changing patients’ lives for the better. What inspires you? I went into venous surgery because I was taught that “varicose veins are only cosmetic” and “varicose veins always come back”. However, both of these statements are incorrect. It is the research that leads to better understanding and treatments that inspires me. This is at the foundation of our approach to patients and The Whiteley Protocol®. This also leads to a love of teaching and training – imparting our research and best practices to other doctors and scientists. Each summer I take on 2 or 3 students who want to go to medical school and give them research projects. This fast-tracks their careers in medicine. I also train doctors both joining our clinic and internationally through The College of Phlebology, that I founded in 2011. What is on your agenda for the coming months? What do you hope to accomplish and what’s your strategy for the future? The Whiteley Clinic has grown organically over 20 years to become internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in venous surgery. Aiming for future expansion, I have prepared the business for the opening of new clinics. The focus is on ensuring new clinics and new staff will still achieve the same excellent results for patients. • I have trademarked The Whiteley Protocol® and it is continually updated, to ensure all patients get the same optimal treatment. • We have training schedules for new staff (doctors and vascular technologists) ensuring they understand the protocol and are proficient in our techniques. By concentrating on excellence, there remains a market for a product regardless of the wider economic or social environment. ❝ ❝

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