CEO Today - Healthcare Awards 2022

CEO Today Hea l thcare Award s 2022 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 7 - Tell us about your career path. As a young boy, I had two years of being very ill and was in and out of hospital for investigations and surgery. During that time, I had abysmal medical care from the surgeon in charge of my case. In those days, parents were scared to complain about doctors, and so I was unable to do anything but comply. It was then that I decided to go into medicine to ensure no one else was treated the way I was. We had no medicine in my family, my father being an estate agent and my mother looking after five children. However, I was given a grant from Bath City Council to attend King Edward’s School in Bath, which gave me an excellent education that gave me the grades to go to medical school in 1981. I studied medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School and decided on a surgical career. I was appointed to a prestigious “demonstrator in surgery” position, and then to surgical rotations in Bristol and Portsmouth. I won the “Surgeons-inTraining” medal from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh for work in auditing outcomes from surgery. I moved to Bath for a 2-year research post, resulting in a Master of Surgery degree and the Norman Tanner Medal from the Royal Society of Medicine. Developing a love for research I became a lecturer in surgery at Oxford University from 1995-1998. I was appointed Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford in 1998. I performed the first endovenous treatment Mark Prof. Steven Whiteley Founder and Executive Chairman of The Whiteley Clinic

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