CEO Today - Healthcare Awards 2022

CEO Today Hea l thcare Award s 2022 - ARGENTINA - - 14 - Another CSR project was the initiative for the EAU THERMALE AVENE brand to be used as part of the Pierre Fabre global action: ‘Skin Protect, Ocean Respect’. This is an eco-responsible approach for longterm commitment. Sun care products are a public health matter and also of environmental concern. We are therefore committed to taking up this dual challenge: to offer optimal UVB-UVA protection and minimise our impact on the environment. This specific project in Argentina is focused on the protection and preservation of the fauna and flora of Argentine Patagonia and to educate on plastic damage in oceans and beaches. Sidus Dermoscometica is united with its brands in eco-responsible health and beauty. I am proud of all those accomplishments with my team. What are you currently working on? We are working on many innovative projects: First, we are working towards the major launch of a new ultra broad-spectrum sun filter, TRIASORB™, proven to be safe for human use and eco-friendly for marine biodiversity. This includes a patented sun filter available in a new sun care product marketed under the EAU THERMALE AVENE brand: Intense Protect 50+. TRIASORB™ is the first organic filter with the ability to absorb and reflect the harmful portion of the solar spectrum, which includes UVB, short UVA and long UVA rays, as well as high-energy visible blue light. TRIASORB™ has also been thoroughly tested under experimental conditions to demonstrate that this filter is not toxic for three key species of marine biodiversity: a coral species, a phytoplankton species and a zooplankton species (scientific publications are currently being prepared). This is fully in line with our CSR commitment. Second, we plan to go to market with a specific skin care line under the KLORANE brand that is comprised of more than 80% natural ingredients. This specific range also includes specific and revolutionary products for anti-fatigue in eyes and anti-puffiness. It is a global anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and illuminating treatment, suitable for all skin tones, which instantly and durably reduces signs of daily fatigue. Day by day, a user’s eyes regain their radiance and signs of fatigue fade away. The product is specifically designed for the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Third, we are evaluating the launch of an outstanding range of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. This product is actually one of the best fillers compared to other injectables. It is made of hyaluronic acid—a substance naturally found in the human body. When injected into the face, especially the lips, it produces a soft and natural result. Finally, over the past few years, considerable attention has been given to cannabidiol (CBD), a major nonpsychotropic constituent of cannabis. We are also analysing this opportunity in many market segments. To be successful, a CEO must first have the vision to steer their business in the right direction. They must also be ambitious and optimistic to pursue their set goals. Other qualities include the ability to rally others towards their visions, loyalty to the company and the employee base, confidence in themselves and the company, critical thinking and communication skills – and passion.

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