CEO Today - Healthcare Awards 2022

CEO Today Hea l thcare Award s 2022 - ARGENTINA - - 15 - What do you hope to achieve in the future? I am a driven person and I work hard to attain my goals. The ability to overcome obstacles and follow things through to completion has always been a strong point of mine, which is why I have managed to thrive in such competitive and complex environments, subjects and markets. I am stimulated by challenges and one of my next targets is to found my own company, maybe one day. However, I am aware that as a perfectionist my delegation skills have improved, and without outstanding teamwork, none of this could be possible. Now, the sky is the limit. What do you hope your legacy will be? “He cared.” That phrase seems so simple but it says so much. I want my legacy to be that I cared about myself, my wife and kids, my family, my friends, my business partners, my community… those with whom I interacted on a daily basis. Caring is where it all starts and ends. If we do not care, we do not love, work hard, dedicate ourselves and do the right thing. In my opinion, each is required to get to the next level. You cannot truly care for your wife and kids if you do not take care of and care for yourself. The same applies for your customers. Unhappy team members will lead to unhappy clients, and then no clients. Caring is making sure you are the most prepared person for everything. ‘We care’ is the first and most important core value. While this is where I am today, I realise that my thoughts on my legacy may evolve as I evolve. For now, my hope for my legacy will continue to shape who I am and how I live my life. It is your legacy that makes you immortal. You care to leave positive and beautiful things behind. What does this award mean to you? I am so honoured to have my work recognised in this way for the second consecutive year. This is going to be a big step in my professional career. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and my self-confidence will be boosted by this certificate. It will also give me more responsibilities for the betterment of my work. This is truly a glorious moment for my whole team and me. I am thankful to all for considering me for this prize. It would be impossible for me without the help and support from my team. I convey my heartiest appreciation to all.

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