2022 Winners

Barclay E. Berdan - 2022 Winner

CEO of Texas Health Resources Inc

Texas Health Resources recognizes the role we can play in proactively and holistically addressing poor health outcomes in many of the communities we serve. - View in Edition » View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners

Prof. Mark Steven Whiteley - 2022 Winner

Founder and Executive Chairman of The Whiteley Clinic

Although I have reached the top of my medical field and have won many prizes and awards for my work in Venous Surgery, this award is for my work in making that research and development into a business. - View in Edition » View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners

Rose C. Perri - 2022 Winner

CEO of EastGate Biotech

EastGate wants to be at the forefront of having a positive impact through our Trade Secret Proprietary technology and strive to be the leaders of drugs administered and absorbed via the inner lining of the mouth. - View in Edition » View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners

David Loew - 2022 Winner

CEO of Ipsen Pharma

Ipsen’s vision is to be a leading global mid-size biopharmaceutical company, with a focus on transformative medicines in three key therapeutic areas: oncology, rare disease and neuroscience. - View in Edition » View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW

CEO Today Magazine Healthcare Awards 2023

Voting Now Open

Voting is now open for the 2023 Healthcare Awards.

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving and adapting to the demands of the 21st century patient and aspects of healthcare such as remote diagnosis, have been accelerated by the global pandemic. Indeed the global pandemic has fostered support from the general public for governments to invest more in healthcare to ensure each country and its citizens are better placed to manage pandemics in terms of the impact on global health and economies -2021 saw an uptick in global healthcare investment to approximately $8.8 trillion (USD) as a result.

Solving world health problems falls to healthcare professionals, CEOs, innovators and disruptors; it is for this reason that CEO Today’s Healthcare Awards recognise the vital contribution made by those working to solve common healthcare issues that face society today.

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