CEO Today - Healthcare Awards 2022

Aurora BioScience is a leading and respected medical device distribution and marketing company that provides high-tech medical devices specialising in Blood Technologies, Oncology and Medical Innovations. For over 16 years, Aurora have supported healthcare providers and patients across metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, throughout New Zealand and around the Pacific Islands. With the head office located in Sydney Australia, our growing product range includes some of the world’s most innovative medical products and solutions. Aurora’s specialty medical devices are specifically chosen for its ability to assist clinicians in improving patient outcomes and to enhance a patient’s quality of Iife. Aurora BioScience is the exclusive distribution partner for 20 of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers. Our customers include the various Departments of Health, the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, GenesisCare and most public and private hospitals across the region. We are your trusted partner for top-rated medical devices and technology solutions! Hospitals We have an extensive range of Helmer Scientific medical refrigerators, medical freezers, and platelet storage systems to facilitate the optimal efficacy of critical vaccines and sensitive lab material through temperature control. We also have the MaxQ range of thermal control shippers capable of holding temperatures for the longest time, helping in transporting blood products cost effectively, while also reducing wastages. Our bespoke Therapeutic Hypothermia products and Organ Transport Systems aid in better patient care for patients that have suffered a stroke or cardiac arrest. We help promote a better patient experience with products like DigniCap Delta Cool caps that reduce the side effects of radiotherapy for breast cancer. In addition, we have a range of products including summit Doppler systems, diaphragm stimulators, organ recovery systems, and more for quality preventive care and patient treatment. Blood Banks and Pathology Helmer has led the industry in the blood banking market by designing and manufacturing innovative products to support our customers efforts. We serve clients with bespoke technologies and products for effective storage, processing, packaging, and transportation of blood substances. Our welldesigned product range includes lab fridges, plasma thawer, cell washer, anticoagulant solutions, blood collection packs, blood collection mixer and weighing tool, medical grade freezers, and more. Hospital Pharmacy We assist hospital pharmacies deliver better patient outcomes with our supportive care range. In addition to an array of pharmacy fridges including vaccine fridges for safe storage of medicines and vaccines, we also distribute patient-specific products such as cold caps to prevent chemo hair loss. Our latest editions include a post-surgical dressing bra, offering controlled compression, effective drain management, and absorption for all breast related procedures and a medical food offering effective treatment for all GI related issues arising from the side effects of chemotherapy. Darren Banks Managing Director of Aurora BioScience CEO Today Hea l thcare Award s 2022 - AUSTRALIA - - 85 -

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